Researcher & Lecturer
in Mathemtics Education


Journals (Peer-reviewed)

Johansson, H. (2017). Dependence between creative and non-creative mathematical reasoning in national physics tests. Nordic Studies in Mathematics Education, 22(2), 93-119.

Johansson, H. (2016). Mathematical reasoning requirements in Swedish national physics tests. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education 14(6), 1133-1152.

Conferences (Peer-reviewed)

Johansson, H. (2015). Relation between mathematical reasoning ability and national formal demands in physics courses. In K. Beswick, T. Muir & J. Wells (Eds.), Proceedings of 39th Psychology of Mathematics Education conference, Vol. 3, pp. 121-128. Hobart, Australia: PME.

Johansson, H. (2013). Relation between imitative and creative mathematical reasoning when solving physics tasks. In A. M. Lindmeier & A. Heinze (Eds.), Proceedings of the 37th Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education, Vol. 5, p. 80. Kiel, Germany: PME.

Johansson, H. (2012). Mathematical reasoning requirements to solve tasks in physics tests. In C. Bergsten, E. Jablonka & M. Raman (Eds.), Evaluation and Comparison of Mathematical Achievement: Dimensions and Perspectives: Proceedings of MADIF 8, The Eighth Mathematics Education Research Seminar, Umeå, January 24-25, 2012 (pp. 211-212). Linköping: Sweden: SMDF.


Johansson, H. (2015). Mathematical Reasoning: In physics and real-life context (Doctoral thesis). Gothenburg, Sweden: University of Gothenburg.

The thesis consists of a preamble (often referred to as a coat in Sweden) and four papers. The studies in the first three papers explore mathematical reasoning requirements in physics for upper secondary students, as well as how students’ ability to reason mathematically affects their success in various kinds of physics tasks and their possibility to master the physics curricula. The study in the fourth paper examine how students’ success on mathematics tasks is affected by mathematical reasoning requirements together with the presence of real-life context.

Johansson, H. (2013). Mathematical Reasoning in Physics Tests: Requirements, Relations, Dependence (Licentiate thesis). Gothenburg, Sweden: University of Gothenburg.

This thesis is a part of my doctoral dissertation.

Johansson, H. (2007). Elevers vardagsföreställningar och fysikundervisningens utformande [Students’ naïve conceptions and the organisation of physics teaching] (Degree theses, Master of Education). Växjö, Sweden: Växjö University (now Linnaeus University).

The thesis is in Swedish

Johansson, H. & Hromic, M. (2004). Identifiering av fysiska parametrar för en AGV (autonomous guided vehicle) [Possibility of estimating the physical parameters in the control system for an AGV] (Degree thesis, Master of Science). Gothenburg, Sweden: University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology.

The thesis is in Swedish


Johansson, H., Oskarsson, M., & Nyström, P. (2018). Glömska eller ytliga fysikkunskaper: Fördjupad analys av svenska elevers sjunkande fysikresultat i TIMSS Advanced 2015 [Forgotten or superficial physics knowledge – An in-depth analysis of Swedish students’ decreasing physics results in TIMSS Advanced 2015]. Stockholm, Sweden: Swedish National Agency for Education.

Nyström, P., Kjellsson Lind, A., Dahlberg, U., & Johansson, H. (2016). Hur samstämmiga är svenska styrdokument och nationella prov med ramverk och uppgifter i TIMSS Advanced 2015? [How aligned are the Swedish policy documents and national tests with the framework and the tasks in TIMSS Advanced 2015?]. Stockholm, Sweden: Swedish National Agency for Education.